Seller help central

Why should I become a seller?

There are many reasons to be a seller on our marketplace – from being able to offer your products to hundreds of thousands of our buyers to start selling today without having to build your own website.

What types of products can I sell?

You can sell products in 50 different categories – from small portable electronics to large appliances and hardware components. We allow both new and used electronics products on our marketplace.

How do I create a seller account?

To create a seller account with us, you only need to sign up to become a seller on our marketplace – all it takes to start is filling out a simple seller form. After you've created your account you can start listing your products for sale.

How can I list my own products?

We offer three different ways for you to publish products – you can list them manually via our product publishing form, upload products in bulk via a CSV import or import them from a third party platform by connecting it to our marketplace.

How will I get paid?

You can get paid directly from customers by connecting your Stripe account or get your funds aggregated on your seller balance here on our marketplace – we will then pay them out later at the end of each month.

What does it cost to sell on this Hardware Mart?

The sellers are charged a flat of 20% from each item sold and signing up is free.We also provide free shipping to all our customers and shipping charges paid by the company.

Do you offer fraud protection?

Yes, our Hardware Mart is a proud member o the Secure Ecommerce Foundation and we offer fraud protection for all purchases.